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“Plane Manner” is the first book in a series after I “hang up my wings”. I am currently writing  “Dinning with Dinosaurs” for little boys, and I am planning “International Tea Party Manners” for little girls.  My wish is to put a smile on all my readers and inspire them to make the world a better place with good manners!

author_smallI started flying for a major international airline in 1968 when we were called stewardesses. During my flying career I have seen how rewarding it is to children on board that have displayed good manners and how contagious it is to other passengers. My wish is every adult will read “Plane Manners” to every child that flies and both of them will be reminded how important “Plane Manners” and child safety are wherever your flight takes you!

When not walking on the clouds I am home sharing a wonderful life with my husband and golden doodle dog Sir Winston. I am lucky I also have a beautiful talented daughter that lives near by.  In addition to being a flight attendant I have an Interior Design business.  I love sharing time and traveling with my friends and family.  I am also very involved Airline Ambassadors International in saving children’s lives around the world.

CuteCreaturesPlane Manners ($14.95) was written by a veteran flight attendant who has seen first-hand how rewarding it is for children who travel that have displayed good manners and how contagious it is to other passengers.  M.L. Murray began her airline career flying for major international airlines in 1968.  An active member of Airline Ambassadors International (AAI), Murray has pledged to donate $1.00 from the purchase of every Plane Manners book to AAI’s efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance, escort children in need of medical care and advocate and educate for children protection – particularly human trafficking in children, a global epidemic.

“My wish is every adult will read Plane Manners to their child before they fly and both will be reminded how important ‘plane manners’ and child safety are wherever your flight takes you,” said M.L. Murray during the first of 18 book signings she’ll participate in across the country.  “Equally important to me is raising awareness around the prevention of human trafficking, particularly the trafficking of children.  Child safety takes many forms and as flight attendants, we have a unique opportunity to observe warning signals among travelers and report suspicious activity to the authorities.  My hope is to raise significant funds from the sale of Plane Manners to enhance the training and education efforts led by Airline Ambassadors International.  We can help rescue a child’s life by ensuring every flight attendant and airline worker is aware of human trafficking warning signs and takes action to stop this crime.”

The book’s in-flight adventure features a number of unlikely travel companions who practice good manners in spite of close quarters and unique cabin mates.  Kids experience good plane etiquette and safety lessons through memorable characters like paparazzi-hounded celebrity Zoe the Zebra, too-tall Geoffrey the Giraffe, and the well-manned Michael the Chimp Gentleman.  Plane Manners is first in a series of books to teach children good manners in every life situation.

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